Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What is Russia doing to Ukraine?

What is Russia doing to Ukraine?

If you want to know more about the Budapest Memorandum,  click the link.  Russia (Putin) is not abiding by the agreement.  Very subtly, for a number of years, they have been trying to undermine the agreement.  Now, it isn't so subtle anymore.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

How net neutrality fight may change your internet - CNN.com

How net neutrality fight may change your internet - CNN.com

The proposed change means that POSSIBLY, big companies will have the money to pay for big access.  Web based ".org" concerns may not be able to pay the bill, nor would state and county generated sites be able to compete.  This means that some of us who are enjoying the wide range of access currently available on the Internet, might not have the luxury of accessing our favorite, albeit, modest, non-profit sites.

Am I getting the gist here?  I am a genealogist.  The sites I love to access are not limited to Ancestry.com or other large corporations.  I frequently make use of the dot org sites or dot com sites that literally were start-ups at one time, plus other sites like FamilySearch, USGenWeb, Findagrave.com, Cyndislist.com, and so forth.  I depend on access to archival web sites often sponsored by genealogy and history societies and even by individuals.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Okay, I want to be distracted, sometimes.  Jigzone.com is one of my favorite distractions; at the same time, it is an awesome way to keep my brain active.  I don't usually use the timer function, or rather, pay attention to it.  But if you want to compete against yourself or others, go for it.  My aim is all about recreation.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is the Internet Eating Up My Time, Energy, and Soul?

Here's a link to an article that I half read this morning:


Some very thought provoking statements are made in this article.  In short, I encourage you to read and highlight those that make an impact on you. 

Is it the nature of social networking to distract us from reality?  Is social networking bad in and of itself?  How should we use social networking to complement our lives?  What other Internet activities might be more worthwhile?

I often have to limit my time on the Internet as I do "have a life".  So, what time I do spend on social networking should be limited, also, right? Making a plan for my day and assessing my priorties should come first and I can consciously make a decision of how much time to spend "sharing", reading posts on Facebook, tweeting, etc. 

Family History is one of the things I enjoy doing on the Internet, but is it a replacement for me actually getting things done in my life that are just as important? 

Visiting with a neighbor, calling an old friend, cleaning my house, taking time for prayer---these are worthwhile and consume time and effort.  I think sometimes that the more I watch television, the more I read a book on Kindle, the more time I spend on the Internet, the less time I'm actually moving around, the less time I'm becoming who I want to be and the less time I'm serving the Lord.