Sunday, March 27, 2016

The True Nature of Anger

Here to Help | Mormon Channel

Here to Help | Mormon Channel

I plan to read one account each day, just to remind me there is hope on the horizon when someone reaches out a helping hand.  I hope to be in some little way that person who helps someone, even a little.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FHGuide: Get Started

FHGuide: Get Started  

This is an amazing resource for those of you who have never used a guide for your research.  But if you need a plan or would like a review, then this is for you.

In addition, it is FREE.  Since this is one individual's "baby", he has provided a place for donations, if you find the guide useful or want to encourage efforts like this one.

Take a look and let me know what you think.  

Sunday, August 09, 2015

There Will Come A Day in Your Life

Hopefully, more than once this will happen to you, and you will wonder if the dews of heaven have distilled upon you:

You will be listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on BYU TV, (after all you missed church and you are trying to feel a little bit better about yourself), and this does help...

You will find you are wanting greater spiritual strength as you listen to the program and realize that there is a part of you that really is hungering for greater truth and light...

Not even a sweet potato biscuit will taste as good as knowing that you have been fed by the Spirit.

But, I do believe that first, you have to "hunger and thirst after righteousness"; [for they who hunger and thirst], those are the ones who shall be filled.  (Matthew 5:6, Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are they who...").

The only thing in this world worth striving for, the treasure that we should be seeking, the sweet invitation of the Spirit to partake of Christ's love and light--HOW ARE WE SEEKING IT?  Or rather, how are we not seeking it?

Where is our faith?  Do we focus on our weaknesses to the extent that we forget there is One who is stronger than us?  That's my tendency.  I concern myself with so many things and distractions, that I forget that it is in my weakness that I need the Savior.  When I wake up with insufficient strength, spiritual and physical,  to get ready for church, do I just give up, or do I kneel and ask the Savior to assist me?  I need to seek His help, His strength.  Faith will take me there.  

What is your counsel, your ideas, that will lead you to having faith,  and lead me to asking for help when I need to ask for help?  

When there is a cloud hanging over your head (of any type), what leads your vision to be directed toward Heaven and Divine Help?!!

The answers are in part, timeless, well known to all of us.  But, there are other answers that must come from reflecting on our unique challenges and reviewing what actually happens when we feel unable to move our spiritual feet.  Gathering both kinds of answers are something that we can do to move forward.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Many Reasons We Rely Upon Our Clutter : zen habits

The Many Reasons We Rely Upon Our Clutter : zen habits

I especially need to read articles like this and/or follow some of the suggestions, here.  I'm torn between dealing with one item at a time and just chucking the whole bit.  Clutter is Me.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Resonant Words, and Wisdom, of "Silent Cal" | RealClearPolitics

The Resonant Words, and Wisdom, of "Silent Cal" | RealClearPolitics

"... the accumulation of wealth cannot be justified as the chief end of existence.”  So said Calvin Coolidge.