Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Baking Liberty of Conscience into the Cake

Baking Liberty of Conscience into the Cake

When the shoe is on the other foot, or should I say when the potholder is on the other hand?  The whisk, whatever.

Freedom of Association Is Burned at the Stake in Indiana

Freedom of Association Is Burned at the Stake in Indiana

First Amendment guarantees freedom of association, right?  Read this article and see how that God-given or "natural" right might be compromised by those who are protesting the law that is already in place in 18 states and that Obama voted for in Illinois.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How movies move us...

I recently re-watched a couple of movies that I enjoyed the first time I had seen them.  I wanted to see them again and see if I could squeeze a little more out of them, a little better understanding of the story and more enjoyment.

Movies are not like books.  A physical book that we've purchased or borrowed, is like a deep pool that will wait on us to discover and/or re-discover.  We can stop reading, turn back a few pages and review, if we don't quite see the scope of the story.  If we don't "get it", we can read more carefully or choose to read another book.

With a movie, the story plows on, cutting a trail through you, proceeding merrily along its way and you hope you caught the dialogue.  You can go to the theater and see the movie six times or whatever if you have the money or a copy of the movie.  I choose carefully, what movies I watch, knowing that the images and "FX" are likely to imprint themselves on my mind in ways that a book can't do. 

Keep this thought in mind as you conduct your personal pursuit through the amazing wealth of entertainment offerings: What deserves your attention, time, and commitment?  Will the ride be so remarkable that you will want to read a book twice or watch a movie again?

I'm sure that part of the answer to that query depends on what your are looking for when you reach for external sources of entertainment.  Do you want relaxation, stimulation, political commentary, or just a good, well-written story that is crafted to make you suspend your reality?

I'm not a movie watcher in the sense of seeing a lot of movies; it's difficult for me to sit still unless I have traveled to a dedicated place, such as a movie theater.  Sometimes, there's no one at home and a movie comes on television and I'm ready to dig in for the entire time, with a snack nearby...

Such was the case when I settled down in my recliner and watched those two movies (on different days).  First movie I re-watched was "Julie and Julia". 

I can't believe that the movie came out six years ago!  When I am watching, I often have my computer in my lap (a laptop) and if I have a question, I can zip over to Wikipedia and read that Meryl Streep and Amy Adams had co-starred in two other movies.

The other movie that I recently watched was "Seabiscuit"; it is a story set in the relatively recent period of time and don't let it fool you into thinking it's just another horse story.  Horse lovers will enjoy the movie, I think, but the courage and grace of "Seabiscuit" rubs off on the people, too.

What's a movie you'd like to watch again?  What movie makes you want to go and read the book?  What movie inspires you write in your blog or rethink your dream?  Which character do you admire? 
Are movies always true to the story?  Enrich your life and have some fun.  See a movie soon! 

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Friday, January 09, 2015

The Pursuit of Liberty

People who do violence, who terrorize those that are unable to defend themselves, need to know the following with certainty:

1.  They will be tracked down and found.
2.  They will face the rule of law, or the law of the land.  They will be held ACCOUNTABLE.
3.  The hope that their sentence will be commuted when they get old and sick or that they will have a hope of being set free through a prisoner exchange should be crushed by knowing that those who love peace and value freedom will not ever let it happen.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Insult to the United States?

What a horrible shame it would be if ISIS gains control of Kobani and is allowed to be just 8 miles from Baghdad Airport! This is a slam against the United States, no two ways about it. Did we really send our troops to fight and some of them to die or be seriously injured so that ISIS could rule that part of the world?

I can't believe what is happening. It's not like we don't have interests in that part of the world. It's not like many of our countrymen and women aren't from that part of the world. It's not like we haven't already invested our blood and money in that part of the world.

 Someone knows the answer to this puzzle, but my heart breaks for those who must live under tyranny for our lack of action.

Tell me that all will be well.  Tell me that evil has had its day, that we have reached the red line and protect it from being infringed upon.

 "If this falls, the 700, plus perhaps the 12,000 people, apart from the fighters, will be most likely massacred," de Mistura said. The United Nations believes 700 mainly elderly civilians are trapped in the town itself and 12,000 have left the center but not made it across the border into Turkey."  (REUTERS)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hundreds of Besieged Yazidis Evacuated in Northern Iraq - WSJ

Hundreds of Besieged Yazidis Evacuated in Northern Iraq - WSJ

I gather that the evacuation and the humanitarian efforts are somewhat complicated by Syrian Kurdis soldiers who are designated by our country as terrorists.  What's the story there?